3 Quick Tips To Look Taller Instantly

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girls standing

For the shorter person, even a 1/2″ boost to their height will do wonders for their confidence and the way they carry themselves.

Women can just wear high heels but what happens when the heels come off or you feel like wearing comfortable running shoes?

Besides nutrition, exercise, fashion, and other factors, there are many little tips to look taller.

Some are illusions but some are permanent changes you can implement right away to appear taller than your 5′ 0″ frame will allow you.

girls standing

Tips To Look Taller

1) Maintaining good posture

Good posture cannot be understated and is one of the biggest secrets to looking taller. This is one of the main reasons why movie stars like Tom Cruise or Stallone looks way taller than they actually are.

Not only does good posture make you look taller, but by standing up straight and tall, you exude a confidence and aura that makes you appear bigger subconsciously to people that are observing you.

If you don’t know what good posture is, think of military bearing: back straight, shoulders back, chest out, and head up. Try walking down the street and interacting with different people with this military posture. You will see that people react to you differently and even get out of your way!

Maintaining good posture is something that everybody should do regardless of stature because it conveys CONFIDENCE. Confidence is one of the biggest factors in how other people judge and treat you. Therefore, this should be a priority for not only shorter people but everyone in general.

2) Body style

A rectangle will always look longer than a square and a cylinder will always look longer than a sphere even if they’re the same length. This is an optical illusion that can be perfectly translated into how tall you look.

You have to watch out for that width/depth to length ratio. The longer you are compared to how wide you are will always make you look taller.

Yes, this means to stay fit and trim at all times. It’s a fact, the fatter you are, the shorter you look. And if you’re shorter to begin with, adding bulk will just make you look that much shorter.

Being fit and trim is a no-brainer that everybody, regardless of height or body style, should strive for. Not only will this make you look good and give you health, energy, and confidence, but it will give you the added benefit of making you look taller.

3) Hairstyle

Regardless of what kind of hairstyle you have, always expose your forehead and neck for maximum body length.

As a general rule, shorter hair is best for shorter people. This is because you want to expose as much skin as possible.

If you expose your forehead, that is 3 more inches of skin and therefore 3 more inches of illusory height.

Also, your neck plays an important part in how tall you look.

Exposing your neck completely without any background hair will make you appear longer.

Confidence is key

Regardless of how tall you are or what kind of body style you have, the way you carry yourself ultimately determines how people perceive you.

If you carry yourself with confidence and enthusiasm, you will seem larger than life and TALLER. However, if you slouch and appear insecure and depressed you’re in essence projecting a smaller version of yourself.


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