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average ear

This page covers the ever interesting world of the Human Ear! Covering basic information including Average Ear Size, Earlobe Size, and Hearing Thresholds this page aims to fill any average statistic information you may have on the ear.

Average Ear Size

The ear is roughly 85% of its full size by the age of 6 years old, and 90% of its full size by the age of 9 years old. The height (size) of the ear ranges quite broadly within samples gathered, exhibiting different dimensions by gender. The following chart illustrates key information pertaining to Average Ear Size.

GenderAverage Ear Size
Male~6.4 cm (2.52 in)
Female~5.9 cm (2.32 in)

average ear


The human earlobe is made up of connective tissues and rugged ariolar tissues. This subsystem of the ear lacks the firmness and elasticity of the rest of the ear, but maintains a large blood supply that may aid the ear maintain a degree of temperature balance. At this point, ear lobes have not been found to harbor any biological function.

Free earlobes versus attached earlobes are thought to be due to a combination of a number of influential genes. This trend not concretely known, but the genetic relationship within the earlobe structure is strong. Improved blood flow to the earlobe due to working out and promoting vasodilation can also enhance earlobe sensitivity.
The following table illustrates the Average Size of the Earlobe measured by length.

Average Earlobe Size:~2 cm (0.78 in)



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