7 Tips on How to Grow Taller While Sleeping

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Everyone dreams of achieving their maximum possible height. While most of our height is regulated by our genetic make up, there are aspects of growth in height that are within our control, albeit partially. Much of the growth usually occurs during sleep. The hormone responsible for you to grow taller while sleeping is known as human growth hormone (HGH) produced by part of the brain known as the pituitary gland and secreted during sleep.

What’s sleep got to do with growing taller anyways?

Human growth hormone causes growth by promoting increase in length and thickness of all the bones of the body especially the long bones of the upper and the lower limbs. It, therefore, follows that high quality sleep characterized by correct posture and appropriate sleeping time are vital. Your brain, like muscles, does a lot of work in the alert, conscious state and so it needs periods of rest characterized by either partial or complete loss consciousness with decreased movement and response to external stimuli. This natural phenomenon is what is known as sleep.

In order to grow taller, you will need to optimize the quality of your sleep, adopt a healthy diet and involve is exercises, both cardio and strength. If you want to grow taller and stronger bones, you must optimize your sleep posture, duration and depth. Increasing hgh levels with supplements like Growth Factor Plus may also help.

Here are some easy, practical and executable tips on how to grow taller even when sleeping.

Use high density, comfortable mattress

To promote growth, the GH released by the pituitary gland must reach all the growing bones of the body. High-density mattresses are firm and therefore keep the body and the vertebral column (the spine) straight. This promotes blood flow and therefore carries the GH with it to the ends of long bones to cause growth. If you cannot afford the HD mattresses then you can modify your bed by placing plywood underneath your mattress.

Optimize your sleeping environment

The area where you sleep has a lot to do with the depth and the duration of your sleep. In order to avoid interruptions, you need to sleep in a dark, quiet, fresh room. Your brain will usually remain alert as long as you can see bright light. Furthermore, ensure that your sleeping room is well ventilated as good oxygen circulation with promote blood flow and therefore delivery of GH to target organs. Sleep with the windows open but ensure that you cover yourself with smooth but warm blankets. Ensure that the room is very clean, spacious and conditioned.

Use the right clothing and beddings

The kind of clothes you sleep in has much to do with the quality of your sleep. For instance, tight clothing will not only be uncomfortable but also interfere with circulation of blood. Nobody can sleep well when they are not comfortable and poor circulation will prevent blood from reaching certain sites. The combination of these two factors will limit your ability to grow taller. Furthermore, you need to sleep on clean, fresh smelling and warm beddings.

Exercise regularly

Exercise, no matter what form it takes is good for health and fitness. When it comes to growth, taking a few minutes exercising during the day such as jogging, running, cycling or even lifting some weight is necessary if you want to enjoy a nice, long sleep at night. Physical activity not only helps with development of the bones but also promote blood flow to all parts of the body delivering nutrients and the growth promoting hormones. A few minutes of total relaxation and deep breathing just 5 minutes before sleep will usher in a nice deep sleep.

Adopt the right sleeping pattern

The manner in which you organize your sleeping time can influence the quality of your sleep. Try to adopt the right sleeping pattern. Sleep at the same time everyday and keep it as regular as possible. Many people tend to sleep late during weekends. This will disrupt the entire sleeping cycle. Some health experts believe that a normal human being should sleep for at least 8 hours a day. However, the best sleeping duration should not be set. You will have enough sleep when you spontaneously wake up.

It is not true that sleeping for longer periods promotes growth and health. Instead, when you sleep for long, you will wake up and remain tired for most of the day. This will cause laziness slow metabolism, both of which promote weight gain and can lead to obesity and its associated side effects. Do not force yourself to sleep more than you should. You brain knows when it has rested enough to begin working again.

Use the appropriate sleeping posture

The number of hours we spend sleeping means that if our bodies are incorrectly oriented it can cause long-term permanent effect on the walking gait, height as well as the shape of the body. If you sleep with your spine curved or bent, chances are that it will adopt this posture over time and lead to stunted and poor gait. This will also put strain on your back, neck and shoulders resulting in pain, which will interfere with your sleep.

The best posture is to sleep on your back with a flat pillow under your knees. This means that your backbone will be aligned properly and this will prevent bending and strain leading to backaches. With your legs a little bit raised, more blood will flow under gravitational influence to the brain delivering oxygen and the nutrients needed for brain metabolism.

Optionally, you can sleep on your side, as this will also keep the spine flat and straight. It may be necessary to support your neck with a comfortable pillow especially if you have broad chest and shoulders. This is because the neck and the head will hang downwards owing to the broad shoulders. You should neither sleep with your face down nor use pillows when doing so.

Use a low pillow. A high pillow will bend your neck forward and arch your back in an unnatural position. This unnatural position will strain your shoulders, back and neck and will prevent you from growing because your spine will be arched for most of the night.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

Your lifestyle can determine whether you will achieve the optimum growth and therefore height or not. Make it a habit to drink a lot of water most of the day. A glass of water or milk taken a few minutes before sleep will boost metabolism, clean the system and promote blood circulation. Milk has been proved to contain an amino acid known as tryptophan, which is a precursor for sedative substances in the body.

Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages such as beer, spirits and wines. In addition, do not drink caffeine containing beverages or smoke nicotine containing cigarettes. These substances can interfere with initiation and maintenance of sleep leading to a condition known as insomnia.

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