How To Increase Height With Yoga – 3 Basic Exercises

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Nowadays, along with improving our diet, it is found that you can also increase height with yoga.

Of course, eating vegetables and drinking milk can make you big, strong, and tall. However, there is only so much milk you can drink before the height gain is marginal, right?

So, experts are now looking at yoga and its health benefits, including an increase in height.

Increase Height With Yoga

Increase Height With Yoga:

Growing taller with exercise and stretching is proven to be possible.

And while bone size can’t be altered after they ossify (after puberty), there are ways to look and feel taller.

However, there are some problems that can work against height gain in adults:

  • Slouching/poor posture – Poor posture is a big reason why people not only look shorter but also don’t get taller. Poor posture and slouching can also cause permanent damage to the spine over time!
  • Back problems – Back problems such as pulled muscles, knots, slipping discs, and cartilage problems can all limit your height. Dealing with back problems can improve your feeling of wellbeing and let you stand up straight and proud.
  • Obesity – Being overweight or obese can put unwarranted pressure on your spine. This can add to your back problems while compressing the cartilages further. However, reducing your weight can improve health and make you look taller.
  • Weak back muscles – Strong back muscles can properly support your spine and your discs to prevent injuries. Weaker muscles can lead to several back problems while also limiting your maximum height.

Yoga can’t magically add inches to your height that you didn’t have.

What it can do is improve your body’s flexibility, decompress your spine, and improve muscle strength.

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3 Simple Exercises To Increase Height With Yoga:

1. Sukhasana:


This is the famous basic yoga pose that everybody is familiar with. It is a position that involves you sitting on the floor with your legs crossed.

Put your hands on your knees and let them rest gently.

Focus on ensuring that your back is straight by pushing your bottom and your knees towards the floor at the same time.

Control your breathing and repeat this several times.

2. Mountain pose:

Mountain Pose

This pose focuses on you strengthening your body while also stretching everything in your back and spine.

To perform this move stand with your feet together and your spine straight.

Now, put your hands together and lift your arms up towards the ceiling forcing your palms as high up as possible.

Raise your heels and stand on your toes before dropping down and returning to your original standing position.

3. Downward facing dog pose:

Downward facing dog pose

This popular pose will definitely help relieve the pressure on your spine as well as reduce your stress!

To begin this pose, put your hands and knees on the ground making sure that your knees are in line with your hips.

Next, put your palms on the ground and lift your knees off the ground supporting the weight of your body with your toes and hands.

Push your bottom towards the ceiling as much as you can while keeping your head between your arms facing the ground. After a few breaths, slowly return onto your hands and knees and repeat as needed.

There are many more!

The above 3 yoga exercises to grow taller is just scratching the surface. There are many many more.

Besides getting taller, yoga offers many other benefits from the spiritual to mental to the physical. You should really try it. is a great site that shows you several other yoga poses for several other health benefits.

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