Average Puberty

Puberty is defined as the process of physical characteristic changes that occur and in turn mature a child’s body into an adult, capable of sexual reproduction, and enabling fertilization. Initiated by hormone signals from the brain to the gonads, this process can vary from individual to individual by age, gender, and other parameters. This page … Read more

New Leg Lengthening Surgery Procedures

If you’re contemplating the horrors of leg lengthening surgery procedures, there’s good news. Before, there was basically only one method to surgically lengthen your bones, and that was with the Ilizarov device. The Ilizarov device is a cumbersome, bulky device that attaches to the outside of your legs throughout the limb lengthening procedure. Recently however, … Read more

Height Growth Supplements and Nutrition

How far can you go in regards to getting your desired height? Have you attempted taking different height growth supplements that just didn’t work? Do you know that there are a couple of essential factors to be successful in gaining height? Having the right height growth supplements and nutrition is the answer to that question. … Read more