Fashion Tips To Look Taller

The right fashion tips to look taller can be the difference between getting a second date or going home alone. In fact, did you know Tom Cruise and Robert Downey Jr. are only 5′ 7″ tall? (1) Or Lady Gaga and Vanessa Hudgens are only 5′ 1″ tall? Don’t they appear much taller than they actually … Read more

Ways To Grow Taller

If you are looking for ways to grow taller naturally and are still in the process of growing, there are many different things you can do to help this process along. Among these are two very important elements you must concentrate on, especially if you’re still in the process of growing. These two very important elements are diet and exercise. … Read more

How To Increase Height With Yoga – 3 Basic Exercises

Nowadays, along with improving our diet, it is found that you can also increase height with yoga. Of course, eating vegetables and drinking milk can make you big, strong, and tall. However, there is only so much milk you can drink before the height gain is marginal, right? So, experts are now looking at yoga … Read more

High Heels For Men: Elevator Shoes

I have always thought women are so lucky in that they can boost their height 2 – 6″ instantly by wearing high heels. Unfortunately, high heels for men to look taller are not common and considered an oddity in society. This gives women a huge advantage over shorter men in terms of looking taller. However, … Read more