Leg Lengthening Surgery: Is It Worth It?

Forget diet, exercise, increase height programs, a-grow-bics and any other doubtful or marginal grow taller methods out there. The only surefire method for getting taller is leg lengthening surgery. However, the process is long, arduous, extremely painful, and expensive with a high risk of possible complications. What is leg lengthening surgery? Leg lengthening surgery is a surgical procedure … Read more

One Does Not Simply Grow Taller – The Myths of Grow Taller Programs

I’m sure you’ve seen those advertisement for grow taller programs that claim to make you taller magically even if you’re 50 years old and hunchbacked. There is even one on this site: Grow taller 4 idiots. Everybody knows that after puberty, after your bones are completely ossified, you are doomed to your height forevermore. Is … Read more